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    Thank you for visiting my estate planning legal service website. Whether you are just browsing or seeking necessary information for you and your family's needs, I hope to assist you and your family in the near future.

    • My husband/wife just passed away and we did not make a will or any plans, what can I do?
    • My mom/dad wants me to be her/his executor for her/his estate, what are my responsibilities?
    • We have young children and want to know what will happen to them if something tragic happens to us?
    • I am in the military and occasionally I have to be away, what can be done for my family?
    • I am a single parent and I want to ensure that my assets are passed down to my children only, what do I need to do?
    • I am getting a divorce and how can I protect my assets?
    • My savings are diminishing; nursing home or care home is too expensive, I won't be able to leave anything for my children, what can I do?
    • We entered into a Civil Union, what guidance can you give us for estate planning?
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    Please keep in mind that your peace of mind is important to me. I would be honored to help and guide you through your estate planning goals and needs. No one wants to die, yet one can not run away from it. No one wants to get a divorce, but sometimes misunderstandings and disagreements lead to that outcome. We all want to protect our loved ones and preserve our hard-earned assets for our personal legacy. Wouldn’t it be great if your final wishes and words of wisdom could be passed on to your loved ones and future generations? To have a peace of mind and protect the loved one’s who you will leave behind, it is wise to organize your personal affairs. By planning ahead and making important decisions, you can organize your assets and make sure your important documents, valued family photos and other precious items are in safe place, while also making your final wishes known.

    Everyone is unique and has different goals and needs for their life style. No matter how grand or humble your estate is, whether you are single, married, divorced, widowed, and regardless of your age and stage of your life, having a well thought-out estate plan can preserve your wishes and be passed on to loved ones you leave behind. Therefore, my focus is to provide you with my many years of experience and various estate planning tools in order to create an estate plan that is customized for your family’s goals and needs. During this process, I must consider your current health condition (mental and physical), your family situation, and circumstances surrounding your beneficiaries (age, health condition, living situation, family structure, etc.) to best meet your specific goals and needs.

    Overall, the main objective in estate planning is to ensure that your family home, other properties and assets are protected for you and your loved ones, by avoiding unnecessary disputes, court battles and other expensive and time-consuming processes. Lastly, please keep in mind that your peace of mind is important to me. I would be honored to help and guide you through your estate planning goals and needs.